Why are you vegetarian?

1 common question. Why are you vegetarian?​ Why Am I a Vegetarian
Photo by Trang Doan from Pixel
1 common question. Why are you vegetarian?​ Why Am I a Vegetarian
Photo by Trang Doan from Pixel

This is a question anyone who has an unusual diet hears a lot. ​

Whether you’re fruitarian, vegan or pescetarian, we all have heard it.

So, as vegetarians we are not an exception, and I appreciate when people ask me about it because they force me to stop and think loudly about my reasons again and again and then, deep inside, reaffirm my position over and over again.

So, Why am I vegetarian? I am vegetarian for the health of animals, for my own health and the health of the world where I live in.

Because I don’t consider myself superior to anyone. Therefore I have no right at all to kill any other living creatures on my way.

I became a vegetarian after understanding that animals feel as we feel. They could feel afraid, anxious, scared, agitated like we do, they have got a nervous system as we have got.

But It was my cat Nala who led me to question the right of humans to eat another living creature.

One day after I had had her for awhile, I was looking after her, and the thought just struck me: I wondered why I was so friendly and helpful to her, petting her, caring for her to the best of my ability, and not to other animals who are used for food.

1 common question. Why are you vegetarian?​ Why Am I a Vegetarian
Photo by Trang Doan from Pixel

How did I start as a vegetarian

I started watching videos, reading and asking other people about cruelty to animals and other heartless behaviors and then I realized that those animals were just as incredible, feeling, desiring and deserving love, respect and protection as my cat was.

People cannot even imagine eating their pets but what is the difference between our pets and a cow, a pig, a rabbit, a chicken, a hen or any other animal? Why do you eat those animals?.

I later figured out how weird is the fact of knowing that you have been doing something wrong during all your life without knowing that, just because you had never thought about it.

I used to eat meat, I just had never thought about it since the day Nala appeared in my life. Anyway I didn’t consider myself better than a carnivorous but I did feel a better human being than the one I used to be. 

Leo Tolstoy, said, A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is no moral.

1 common question. Why are you vegetarian?​ Why Am I a Vegetarian
Photo by Trang Doan from Pixel

I had my relapses

At one point and without realising it, being vegetarian was not easy anymore. Meal planning is extremely important for vegetarians as it can be challenging to get the nutrition we need through diet alone. In addition to low protein intake, vegetarians are at risk of several micronutrient deficiencies such as iron, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, linolenic acid (omega 3 fats) and zincand and I didnt planning anything.

I felt guilty.  I felt like a fraud for continuing to call myself a vegetarian when I toke the decision to start incorporating fish into my diet, again, I guess I could say that I was embarrassed for not being “strong enough” to maintain the way of life I had chosen many years before. However, all I could think about when I was eating the salmon burger was how much I really wanted a veggie burger but I was getting  better over time. In conclusion I was really confused.

Now I am vegetarian again

I am vegetarian again and I´m planning and reading a lot about it, and I also have this vegetarian/vegan/ecofriendly/organic online store, my social networks and my blog.

Don´t be confused I love being a vegetarian, I love vegetarian food and its not as difficult as you could think if you are prepare (not like me that I was not) but you can be if you choose it.

I don’t ask people to choose the same as I did, this is just my story and in the end I feel my heart is thankful because of my decision not just because I am avoiding the fat and chemicals of the meat but because I’m truly giving love to others sentient beings and my body is not a cemetery anymore.

Animals are not ours to use in any way. They have their own lives to live and the wish of living in peace, just as we do.

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” Charles Darwin, Naturalist

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